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Midawi Holdings, Inc. has developed DoughMain™ - the first and only family platform that combines essential family organization and financial tools in one location. DoughMain™ makes parents' lives easier, helping them stay organized with a family calendar, chores and allowance tools, mobile connectivity, and more. The integrated suite of tools is easy to use for all family members, and uniquely empowers parents to help their children, from ages 5 to 18, achieve financial literacy through real-world experiences. DoughMain™ also drives demand for financial products and accounts as users engage in the site's financial topics and edutainment properties.

The DoughMain™ revenue model comes from three sources: Acquisition and retention of customers for retail banks and other providers of financial products; E-Commerce via both retail gift cards and reloadable prepaid card offerings; Sponsorship and affiliate marketing opportunities.

Midawi is currently raising capital to fund the continued marketing and development of these products which target children ages 5 through 18.

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